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ShovePullPull each brickShove each cinderPullShoveShove the wallShove ShovePull every piecePullShoveShove harderPullShovePull to breathe Shove it awayPull to hitPullShoveShove to continueShoveShove and hammerPull to see the light ShovePullPull it closerPull to surviveShoveShovePull to imprintShove to move ShovePullPull just one morePullShovePullShoveShove the wall aside

A Valiant View of Valhalla

One in a million.  Sasha had heard that statement from her parents, her lovers, her friends, and everyone else she’d ever encountered while she did her job. Though, the people she killed knew deep down that life was uneventful. Had been uneventful. That was the whole point in joining the military. At least for my …

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The First Step

I took a giant step today. I feel about it, is the only proper way I can express myself right now. I just feel about it. I’m nervous, I’m scared, I’m anxious, I’m sad. I’m happy because I finally kicked down the door and started the long healing process. Short post because I need time …

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