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Orbit, Orbit, Orbit

“So, I didn’t understand any of that,” Cyrus said.He’d been patient, he’d trusted his best friend, he’d sat like a statue to listen to every detail, and–most importantly–he’d suffered through every test with his dignity. Okay, maybe not dignity. Cyrus lost that when he had to stand through a thousand pictures zoomed in on his …

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One day at a time, one day at a time–Where do you begin?Where do you end?One day at a time, one story at a time–It’s a journey, it’s a marathon–One day at a time–

Auburn, Burgundy, Rust

insane steel crusade, crush the flames andthundertragic rings of water in the tunnelsunder,Sane dark stars, missed and magic withmagnolias Sanity–the difficult day, drain of rigid duelsbrokenfalling crazy in the wicked washmouthingthe sight of secluded blindnessburiedAnd blocked by carvings of warfare,Insanity–a pulse underwater, lingering fools foundbracedto escape the fire alivetitanium flowers still bloom,and livea life worth …

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