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Minds scatter, that’s how it seems to work. I try to collect the pieces. I always try to see the brighter side, the better side, the “right” side–Minds scatter. Pieces spread to infect other pieces. Both ways. So, where are my thoughts today? Right now–Limbo. Because I’m never done. I may not be happy with …

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A race to redeem

when time is running out,I see two eyes in the blackness,telling me to…break from the chains holdingeach limb, blast of rain,a left arm of grief,a right arm of torment,a left leg of a thief,a leg of an advent,leading towards a ripin the tapestry,searching for a cureto madness,breaking a pattern of sadness.

What’s Next?

Nothing to witness. One more piece to find. With only one thought racing around.

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