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Endless Determination

What happens when the vines close?What happens when the rain showers dark?What happens when an avalanche covers?What happens when you fall from high?What happens when you fail?Sometimes it gets close, but finding that last glimmer–at the bottom of the leaves, the debris–I brush the dirt off and start climbing again,Because the choice to give up …

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sometimes,sometimes, bubbles, smokeburied under waterthe bottom of a mountain,sometimes,the middle of Antarctica,the center of the ash,sometimes,the pieces in the snow,the hush in the sky,sometimes, the person dropped intothe middle of the forest.

Orbit, Orbit, Orbit

“So, I didn’t understand any of that,” Cyrus said.He’d been patient, he’d trusted his best friend, he’d sat like a statue to listen to every detail, and–most importantly–he’d suffered through every test with his dignity. Okay, maybe not dignity. Cyrus lost that when he had to stand through a thousand pictures zoomed in on his …

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