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Voices Never Stay Forever

Feed the fire with gasoline, taken all my negativityBreak the nail with a hammer, prevent me from stammeringCrack the window with glass, bring the line and jazzIn the end, there’s breath, and a handshake to ignore death Stop the music with triggers, steal all my figuresSlice the air with a gust, chip and strip all…


Whistle, I heard through the wild brush. Two ringscalling, I heard it through the fire. The crackle and snow,through midnight sleep while I tire.Cackle,I heard a bit past twelve. Two cracks caught, on the other side. Footsteps crinkledthe carpet, the tile, and a screech, a dividecame through the door, spotted and brittle. Creaks–in the floor,…

Down Once More

to feel trapped, once and twicedrilling holes into the wallall I do is tremblerumble through the bricksback stab bramble to feel seen,a few times moretracing lines on tilefilled with the vile bileof water borne, torntrials of rye to feel caughtas a flya mile up highbreaking and fallingto a pile, dryinghiked to nothing but lighting

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