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Whistle, I heard through the wild brush. Two ringscalling, I heard it through the fire. The crackle and snow,through midnight sleep while I tire.Cackle,I heard a bit past twelve. Two cracks caught, on the other side. Footsteps crinkledthe carpet, the tile, and a screech, a dividecame through the door, spotted and brittle. Creaks–in the floor,…

Down Once More

to feel trapped, once and twicedrilling holes into the wallall I do is tremblerumble through the bricksback stab bramble to feel seen,a few times moretracing lines on tilefilled with the vile bileof water borne, torntrials of rye to feel caughtas a flya mile up highbreaking and fallingto a pile, dryinghiked to nothing but lighting


I freeze when I see the morning sunI freeze once it breaks to noonI freeze at dusk and into midnightI freeze before the next day starts In the cold, in the warm, in the dawnI freezePast, present, future gone along the starsI freeze stillWhile moving forward and backwardI freezeAt the desert of snow, rainfall upI…

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