Inspiration for Writing

I know many of the things I write for the Fri-losophy are probably going to be overdone by other blog writers. Or just writers in general. But, that’s what I love about certain subjects. They can be done over and over and over yet we can still get different perspectives. Mine may not be new, but it’s a subject that many writers are asked about. And that is–

Where does our inspiration come from?

Anyone could spend decades discussing this subject. Even I find myself struggling to keep this at a reasonable length. To get right down to writing goodness, inspiration for me comes from, well, anything. I know, it’s simple. But, as I’ve learned through the years, is that not everything needs to be overly complicated. There doesn’t need to be a magic brew or perfect formula for writing. Just like how a writer is defined rather easily, the inspiration behind writing can be just as simple.

I find inspiration in practically everything. Movies, anime, video games, music, martial arts–anything I enjoy becomes a source of my writing. Even with things I dislike I find some hint of a story idea.

I daydream a ton, whenever I’m remotely board I start dreaming up fun scenarios. Relaxing, showering, doing the dishes–I always seem to find something to draw inspiration from. And I think that’s a fascinating thing, and one of the best things about being a writer.

If I want to expand on an idea, I can. If it seems silly, I don’t have to focus on it. I still consider that inspiration. Anything that sparks a new idea, I consider inspiration. Again, it’s a simple concept, and I’m sure everyone would come to the same conclusion. I love that. It’s poetry and writing bringing more poetry and writing. An endless cycle of ideas inspiring other ideas. I would have never become a writer if not for the wonderful amounts of things we have to draw from.

One of my favorite lessons from one of my old English classes–

It doesn’t matter if an idea has been done a thousand times. There can always be another way to approach that same idea. A million ideas give birth to another million ideas.

This applies to inspiration (and so many other things of course). It all boils down to ideas, and the things our amazing brains can create. It makes me so giddy and fluffy to know our nifty brains not only birthed the basis of inspiration but managed to create the wonderful concept of writing.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I saw a paper bag flying through the parking lot. Need to write a crazy scifi story about it!

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