Atlas on the Mountain

She plays with the stars,

a god on a pedestal,

a sparrow seed.

I trace her lines, colored pencils—

Paint outside the lines with yellow,

Watercolors bleed the canvass to smears,

The Bearer collides the sky, sobriquet

names written in turquoise.

Saturn’s rings are her dress, perched 

high on her hips,

A black spot above her crispy lips, 

Tabaldak, Shango, Horus —





The unstoppable force, the 

Unbreakable wall,

Falls to the ground,

A hummingbird down.

Bright caught straight angles,

breeches the leaves, as

they fall to the ground one by three.

The splinters and stars rip across the sky

As the void and cold tangles the eyes

Of every fracture brought across the world.

The bands of Jupiter release their pain.

The light bends its way to a rich end.

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