Say No More

To sprint across the street,
To reach the end of a book–
Each foot punching the blacktop–
Understanding what it took
Stars and tiny lashes, diving into puddles,
Weaving through leather, finding fine fibers,
Solving all the problems and all the riddles.
A deep breath bundled with a rainbow
Light a fire to quench the thirst thrown across the meadow–
The flames brought clarity–a drummer boy found his sound
Boom, boom, the instrument goes, around and bound.
A newborn kitten paws the clouds,
The problems gloss away–
Chips away every beat, singing the verse
Everything will be okay.

The first and last words spoke truth,
And the pictures in-between
Painted by the snow,
All nice and clean.

The light brought bright
Day and sight,
It burned and returned the leaves ashen grey.

The dark brought naught,
Night and fright,
It wrought the sky in a knight ballet.

But the wind churned tide
Spurned still to dry, it overturned
The leaves until they had nothing left to say.

The water spoke free,
With shushes and pleas,
The banshees and sirens lost in the spray,
Shifted the directions of every waterway.

So when the stone and rock
Interrupted and bled,
The blood hawk
Flocked the mineral bed,

The fire cooked mud,
Dried to dirt,
Crackled and spit,
A frozen desert.

The lightning popped,
Brought fire and sight
Pricked the skin
With needles that bite.

Ice gave comfort,
Chilled the hairs,
Killed the wild so that
Life could flare.

The metal split,
The light and dark–
Cut it deep, brought
A spark–

So life could end the silence
In the dark.

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