Bleed Away

The Red claimed the world in one swift motion. In a flash, the sun was gone. The ground covered in crimson, the clouds ripped across the sky with streaks of flashy red. The blood dried up all the water, stained the dirt, and polluted everything.

The buildings couldn’t hold against the unbeatable wave. Metal, cement, cinder block, even wood, all crumbled when vaguely touched by the streams projected by the eclipse.

People died. Everyone died. Heroes perished. Villains squandered. People fought. But, in the end, the entire world suffered.

And from something that wasn’t even in our control.

I was having a picnic when it first happened. The entire family, countless people, enjoyed the towering event of an eclipse that helped us gain perspective in this wide universe. They were all the first to go as we watched the black mass overtake our sun. Light turned to dark. And every color became–





One person could not rebuild the world. So, as soon as I step outside, I too would be–


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