The Green Swan

The swan sings in solitude, sails the sky in seclusion,
Lisping winds and wails and whirls, blued and chewed,
The green swan learns to bellow before the yellow
And learn the stories that blows and twirls.
The swan met an eagle, flush with light, no blight, no sight
A knight, but a friend despite.
The swan would fight, the swan would run, the swan would
Attack, and scratch, and curse the midnight sun,
He would tell the eagle stories of fright,
And the knight would caw in wonder and white.
No matter how much the swan flew away,
The eagle would return with glee of a stray.
The two were inseparable as air from trees, a breeze that
Mixed their colors to high green.
There were some others that joined their journey to blue,
But, for now, it was simply one and two.
Enjoying the peace, the company, the geese,
As eagle and swan, one single piece.
The journeys were sublime,
The thoughts of their mind,
The fun, the laughs, the chirps, and crimes,
Together forever, through grime and time.

The eagle knew better than any other songbird,
That sooner or later, their flights would burn.
If it had wings, it would mock,
If it had claws, it would shock,
Stirring their adventure to an abrupt stop–

The eagle went on, flew for another,
Searching, searching, searching,
For someone to call mother and father.

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