Lighter Writing

One of the purposes of the blog is to allow me to think about more than just the average story. With the Friday posts, I haven’t really found a pattern for it. Honestly, I use it to record my thoughts. It just happens that the only thing ever on my mind is writing. So, it works out that many of the posts are a neat set of things on my personal thoughts involved with writing.

It’s a common subject because writing has so many components and openings that there are countless opinions and views. I have always seen writing as not only an important skill but something that can be used endlessly.

Words are important. Communication and language, expression and ideas, it all grows from writing.

I find that beautiful. Dare I say, poetic.

So, of course, it makes me happy. My brain finds that weird and freaks out constantly–

Luckily, I find solace every time I post. Knowing a hand full of people are at least reading words I placed in a satisfactory order fills me with…

Conflict. The anxiety is heavy. But at the same time, I love seeing that little notification that someone has liked a poem that I wrote.

I hope that this pushes me further. I want to engage. I want to listen. I want to follow back. And I want to keep giving all you wonderful people more things to read.

This blog has been one of the greatest decisions I ever made. And it took a long time to finally get it going. I was patient. But, just like mental help, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

I think that’s why I don’t mind putting such personal thoughts out there in the internet.

Becoming a published writer is also a marathon. And I’ve always been prepared for that.

So I don’t mind taking that journey with anyone who finds my words interesting.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go write about…vampires….I hate vampires….

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