Heat, Radiation, Waxing, Filling, a Gemstone Mercy Killing

Gemstones fall, with tears and waves, unbroken
Amethyst, ametrine, andalusite
Wrong and gone, crying in the ocean, washed
Aquamarine, aragonite, azurite, barite
The cracks, the breaks, the straight-jagged

Bloodstone peaked and quickened the process
The breath out of every life,
gripping hearts until
becoming as hard as brucite.

Celestite, feldspar, freshwater pearl
The panic, the beats that ripped and unfurled,
Garnet, herderite, jasper, malachite,
Each mud-soft when brought up alone,
Together and separated in grown and home,
Opal stone, peridot, sapphire, sunstone,
Choked, poisoned, stabbed, shot, each word
Bringing a layer of fight,
Terrifying topaz,
Vivid vivianite,

The rattling stopped, the chest finally opened,
And she looked inside to find stones unbroken,
Hardy as diamond, strong as the moon.
Each one shined better than the last,
And as she examined one after another
Seeing life buried in its bonds,
No torture. No tears,
No breaking,
No wrong.

Imperfections mended, forever strong.

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