The Arctic Blue Polar Bear

Wasn’t liked by anyone else. A life of solitude made him turn red,
It made him turn black, and sometimes pink. It wasn’t something
he chose. He didn’t believe anyone chose to be alone.
Circumstance made him alone. Where he was born,
Where he lived, what he did, how he acted.
I was hard walking around because everything seemed to be
Under water, everything seemed to be ice under his touch,
Just as alone as he was. Barren and flat, frigid and black.
He once saw a lion, once saw a light, but the clouds showed he
Was still alone.
He believed it deep down, not on purpose, not deserved,
A circumstance.
He swam deep one day because he wanted to see more, he
Wanted to know that there was always a place only he could reach
Because his lonely heart sought the right to feel warm.
So he would no longer be alone, sad and

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