Hope and Writing

It took me a long while to finally figure out that I’m a person who not only enjoys writing but is one hundred percent sure I want to write for the rest of my life. My hope is to not only become better but maybe create something people can enjoy.

I have ideas, and stories, and thoughts, and hopes–

And I contain this strange hope and dream to get at least one book out there. I’ve always had the desire to hold a physical copy, to see my story come alive, to see a cover page, or to just see something I worked on to come full circle.

Through all the struggle, and my frazzled brain, I need to prove to myself that I can do the work.

So, right now, my only hope is to create something worth while. I want to write and for others to find something in my writing. I want to elicit emotions and reactions–

I have hope for the future. Because this journey I’m on is a giant marathon. And I’m not giving up.

I hope I never do.

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