One Fish in the Sea

“What kind of name is that?” Jimmy said.
“I’m getting there–” I snapped. I wrinkled my pants with an over-the-top gesture, sat up and back down to straighten them out. “There’s a lot of setup to this!”
“You’ve been telling me this story since–“
“Okay!” I said. “So like I was saying–“
Everyone knew bits and pieces of this story. It’d begun to creep into the side of rumors. So I wanted to get it straight, spread ’em straight from my mouth.
Okay, okay, there were forty of them, but I don’t want to go into every one of them.
“Oh, thank god,” Jimmy said.
It started with Larry. This guy was a weirdo with a good heart. Had broken toes all the time.
“Explains the name–“
Then, there was Charlie and his Chihuahua. Big bushy beard. He’d hid that little mosquito in his shirt.
“Wasn’t his brother–“
Yes! I remember now!–
“Nope,” Jimmy said. “Nope, nope! You’re not getting me caught up in one of your four hour long rants on the Sidecar Gang!”
Why not!? I mean–
“Why not!?” I said.
“I want to know about Sticky Nips!” Jimmy said. “Just him! No one else!”
“You need the setup to–“
“Nope! Sticky Nips!”
“But you need–“
“Sticky Nips! Christ, tell me about Sticky Nips! Was it whipped cream, or honey, I know his boyfriend likes–“
And so I continued my story, restarting with–
“No! Sticky Nips! Where the hell–“
“There once was one of the gang who–“
“Goddamit! Sticky Nips! Sticky Nipple Nips!!!!!!!”

Next prompt: We move to the moon.

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