Instructions on Killing a God

There’s a little bit of truth in every mythology. A speck of gold, so to speak. A mountain hidden under a sea of doubt, belief, and war.

Gods, monsters, beasts, creatures, and those who seek to follow those footsteps.

The past finds a way. The world changes. And secrets get buried deep beneath death and destruction.

Sek was the first. He was the beginning. Handsome, driven, ruthless, and more cunning than any other person at the time. An heir and a prince. A person meant for a throne. Of skulls.
He would one day rule, he would one day pass mercy and spread fear. High hopes for someone…


It was never enough. So Sek took it further. He wanted to be eternal. He wanted to live as a God. But, to do that, he needed to embrace the darkness. The evil he’d feared his entire life.

He made a deal. Became a God of death. And was condemned by the heroes for his sins against humanity.

They cursed him. Because he was immortal. Burying him seemed to easy. Dividing even worse. Other’s would follow and chase and worship–

So they dragged him to the nearest desert, straight to the center, and shackled his coffin to him, bound by chains shoved through his very flesh.

Doomed to haul his decisions and failure, Sek wanders the storm of blood, forever waiting for the coffin to open.

One day that would come. One day.

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