The Many

Nothing is one hundred percent. I love writing, but sometimes its hard. Which brings the regret. I get through it, I continue writing. I love a piece, I struggle with a piece, sometimes I hate a piece. But, I find a way to find value in every story as I post them.

I struggle with poetry, but I still enjoy doing them and posting them. There are a few pieces I find lacking, but I find that accepting that nothing is a hundred percent helps me understand that I will have winners, losers, duds, and maybe a fleck of gold here and there.

All in the pursuit of writing. I’ll keep chugging along. I’ll keep writing as long as I have the passion.

So, I’m making this short. To recover and make sure my brain is fresh. Because rest is just as important as fulfilling your desires.

Friday is an interesting day for posting. I jump in a lot of directions, deciding if I want to stick with a theme for Fridays. And I still haven’t decided. I like it being a free day. For poetry, for short stories, maybe a longer story, maybe a hint towards another entire book–other times, I enjoy this.

Speaking my mind. Putting my thoughts down because it helps me organize the future of my writing. It also helps me figure out my mental state. So, I’m going to stick to a free layout for these posts. It’s really nice to write what’s on my mind. It reminds me that I have control. That my brain, even with all its problems, is mine.

So many ideas, so much time.

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