After the end of the world…

When the singularity was created, there was peace. There wasn’t any fighting. No war. No trouble. Just an understanding that we needed to keep moving towards a prosperous future.

But, of course, like Sigma theorized and thought, that was all temporary. He tried to warn others, tried to build a group so they would have a plan for the next step.

The power of a black hole was unpredictable. The people who didn’t want to be right were the only ones prepared.

So, why was Sigma still so uneasy? He didn’t want to be right.

Three of them. Sigma, Beta, and Gamma–

They rushed through catacomb after catacomb, trying to reach the core, the center, the hole that spawned every nightmare and problem. Monsters, beasts, gods, mother fucking Satan himself–demons, angels, death–

The entire world was in chaos. And the only hope was the moon.

Sigma, a burly man proud to show off his muscular structure, led the last two remaining from his wayward platoon.

Beta–an armor clad woman wielding a swinging javelin–and Gamma, a wily, talkative man covered from head to toe in animal tattoos, stuck a couple feet behind their leader. They matched the pace, watched for falling debris, occasionally struck the mudmen who stretched from the surrounding walls.

Tunnel after tunnel. Stretch after stretch. It was never ending.

Gamma slid to a stop suddenly.

Sigma and Beta turned to motion him to continue.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Sigma said. “We don’t have time for this!”

Gamma, loss of breath, turned towards his loyal friend, and said, “I’m not going to keep going. I can’t. You two go, I’ll give you time.”

Sigma and Beta didn’t say a single word. They ran off and continued their journey as Gamma summoned every beast at his disposable.

A tiger, a lion, an elephant, a condor, a gorilla, each one budded from his skin and grew to full size in an instant. Each one under his command, each one focused by Gamma’s concentration and commanded to attack. To defend.

Sigma and Beta upped their speed. They were the best long distance runners. And when they entered a dome chamber, they hesitated when coming face to face with the singularity that started the end of the world.

A black sphere. One that spit out waves of gravity and time that soon manifested to the surface as the nightmares they’d all hoped to keep hidden.

Sigma didn’t have time to shout an order before the hole rippled and defended itself.

A dense, neon purple bolt of electricity launched from its epicenter.

Beta acted to protect the leader. She popped off her shoulder armor and shoved the edge of her javelin against the endlessly powerful energy of the universe.

Wave after wave impacted the edge of her spear-like weapon. Pieces of her armor chipped and crumbled, aging and disintegrating, as she held it off for a moment.

“Go!!!!” Beta roared at the top of her lungs.

Sigma refused to hesitated. He refused to make another mistake. He created one disaster, he wasn’t going to be responsible for the end of the human race.

Sigma–determined and unstoppable–dived into the darkness.

Standing on the moon, Sigma watched the planet Earth implode, eventually swallowed and eaten by the singularity.

Sigma stood alone, feet dug into moon dust.

Remaining as the last human.

Next prompt: Unknown broadcast takes over minds.

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