Period Pieces

“You idiot!” Vincent yelled as he decked his broken with a hardy jab.

Edgar dropped to his backside, bouncing slightly on the listing platform. The back of his head bumped the steel pipes. His brother had held back tremendously. He knew that if Vincent truly wanted to hurt him, Edgar wouldn’t have maintained his head on his shoulder.

Vincent spent years in brutal combat, and Edgar was no better than a novice trying to prove a weak point to a professional boxer.

Edgar’s lip, now split and bleeding, puffed up, and he yelped with surprise.

He honestly didn’t think his brother would have hit him at all.

But, he’d been wrong about a lot of things lately.

Vincent bared his teeth and expressed his dismay. “You always have to do crap like this!” he yelled. He motioned as he presented the chaos just so he could slap Edgar across the face with more bitter words.

“We trusted you!” Vincent screamed. “We-we loved you!”

Edgar peered away. His brow pursed, he turned red with embarrassment, and was compelled to watch the destruction.

As barges and ships lost throughout history and time rained down like chunks of meteor. As the wind twisted and turned into super tornadoes that ripped through cities and islands. As the oceans bubbled, rose, cracked against the shores carrying thousands of people at a time–

Edgar shed tears. It was an accident. He swore it was an accident.

Vincent heard his brother’s thoughts and roared, “You call this an accident!”

When Edgar attempted to rise back to his feet, Vincent tackled him against the pipe wall. Vincent wrapped around his brother, limbs becoming like snakes, and twisted a head lock. One Vincent double checked made sure to point his little brother directly at the whirlpool dropping death from above.

Like an owner shaming their disobedient puppy, Vincent shoved Edgar to the absolute edge of the mining scaffold.

“Look at it!” Vincent forced his eyes open. “You did this! All of it–“

Edgar was afraid of heights. And he made the mistake of looking down. Vertigo set in fast, and because of the mental connection between the twins, Vincent went slack jawed with nausea.

Edgar used the momentary lapse in strength to turn and attempt to shove his brother away.

They engaged in a slap fight, one trying to grab the other, one trying to teeter away from the edge. But, when Edgar dropped to his hands and knees to regain his balance, Vincent dipped too far forward.

Fell. Tumbled. Splashed. Died in the tsunami instantly.

Edgar peeked over the edge, and waited at least two minutes for his brother to surface.

That was what he was trying to tell Vincent. Now–

Edgar groaned in exasperation at the fumble. He knew this was going to happen. He rubbed his eyes, sat back against the pipes, and sighed loudly, dragging his hands across his face.

The light bulb popped in his head. Okay, he could swing this. Edgar wasn’t a brilliant actor, but he knew how to act like his brother.

He’d just have to wing the rest. Get into the mindset. He was Vincent. Act like Vincent. Be cool like Vincent.

‘Yeah, guys, I don’t know what happened, but it was definitely Edgar’s fault!’

Yeah, Vincent could do this! Just like he always dreamed. The savior of the world!

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