A legend about words and blood

A legend goes back, tells about a man who cuts,
Who slices, and rips–
Carves and chops–
Dissects and gashes.
Until tendons tore.
Another legend tells of a woman broken,
She removes your bones,
The tiny and needed ones,
The ones in the ear,
Until silence calls.
Legends scream about a man who steals organs,
Runs in the night,
Finding, searching,
capturing, and adding,
Until he caught more hearts.
One legend speaks of a woman unbound,
She steals your ability to turn,
To mourn, to grab, to take–
Words, thoughts, savage desire,
Until she found her book.
Another legend of a man without ligaments,
A pile of skin who
Crawls and takes whats
Until he walked again.
A legend of a child drown before his birthday,
He screams, and laughs,
Spits and cries,
Eats the mud and sand,
Until he drowns again.
A final legend of a monster, a man and woman
Combined, two parts of the same mind,
And body connected spines.
Veins and broods shared between
Until they sharpened a knife.

Every legends brings a heart, an empty
Cage of remorse, and finds its way
Scratching and ripping
Until reading turned to a curse.

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