The Gravedigger

Arael covered the north. She preferred the more open areas so she could move around and slide the corners. She loved diving through the glass windows just to flip back to her feet, her back slapping a few tables, and her iron plates to take the majority of brute force.
She’d invented the knives glowing with liquid metal. It was the only melee weapon capable to dealing with–
Gabriel tracked her down an ally. She disappeared from sight. Gabriel pressed the open channel to his radio. “You good?” he called.
No answer. He saw some flashing, a ghostly cord that punctured the brick wall like it had been made of tinfoil. Another cerulean clap, lightning, fire, then silence.

Gabriel loaded a foreign round, specially made, into his issued sniper. A bit old school but effective against–
He heard a crackle on the radio. Found a few scattered words belonging to Nathaniel.
Gabriel swiveled and changed windows in the high rise church. Nathaniel covered the east. The lightest battle area, but hefty enough for him to test his inventions. His weapons to combat the–
Gabriel spotted Nathaniel, missing a leg and scrambling for the nearest rifle. He’d been tossed a few blocks from his position, and before Gabriel could fire the round, before he could even find the right target, the tendrils conjured from pure blue fire flayed him alive.
They divided, crawled, eventually stripped Nathaniel until a stain remained.

Sachiel climbed the ladder up the church, spun a sticky web as each limb produced a spider leg. Through his ears and mouth, he spit a purple mass that instantaneously melted anything it touched.

Gabriel aimed true. And nailed Sachiel against the wall with a spear like blast from his firearm. The body hung, twitched to silence.
Gabriel waited for its last attempt, but it never came. There was a swift air of freedom, and Gabriel found a moment to remember his fallen comrades. He analyzed the things he’d seen, noted each one–
A beast, a tiger–white fur stained with rot and blood–pounced on Gabriel. It snapped its jaws hard, spit vile chitin against Gabriel’s cheek. He jammed a hand against its lower jaw, drew a knife with the other, and started stabbing frantically.

Each stab brought a yelp like a young, suffering child. But they did nothing to stave off the attack.

Gabriel clicked a maroon button along the base of the knife handle. The tiger’s skin peeled off its nose, bunched and rolled up its forehead. Its eyes remained bound to the beasts skull now exposed to the elements. Tendons squiggled like worms. Muscles flowed as waves over coral. The blood seemed to wiggle with beetles.

The tiger roared a babies cry, and its tongue slammed up Gabriel’s nose. He felt nothing. A carved reflection of his face bled through the crimson bone of the tiger’s forehead. The slimy slug punctured his nasal canal. The ashen face gained more definition.

Gabriel was shown.
And had never been more terrified.

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