The Why and Why about Writing

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts,
Words, words, scrambled words,
Got to find a balance.

Where am I?

I don’t know anymore. I still love writing, obviously. I still got ideas bouncing off the wall. I still put work into a novel–

That’s the thought. That one has been stewing in my brain. I continue to work on a novel that I hope to publish.

But, I don’t know what that means anymore. I guess I’m a little lost, which tends to happen. No big deal. Yet I continue to push. I love posting on the blog. I love working on my ‘book’, as I like to say.
There are so many avenues around publishing. And that could be a hundred page post. I’ll keep it to something simple.

Why am I writing? Because it makes me happy. Why the blog? For fun, for me, for my writing. Why publish?

Oof–that’s a question.

What validation am I looking for? Why am I so focused on a physical copy? Why not just put it on the blog? What am I fighting for?

Who am I? And what end do I write for?
Does writing need a point?
All rattling about like beans in my head.
Maybe more writing will help me figure things out.

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