The Closing Obsession of the Victim

One nail across–
Awake, my nightmare found me,
In my dreams, my nightmare bled me
And found my name.
Found, and drained.
I find my nightmare close,
Behind my eyes
My nightmare finds me again
Stalks and obsesses my name
Built to satisfy me again
She once found me dead
And brought me back
I found only nightmares
Once again.
The nightmares grew to lengths
Far beyond
I found only darkness
Once again.
She found me alone
Connected to death
The nightmare behind
My broken eyes
My nightmare grows with me
And kills behind
She found my beating heart
And the mind behind the eyes.
My nightmares found her
Brought a plague of blood
And in the mind, my eyes
never found the bottom
Of the dark behind my eyes.
In all my nightmares
She always found my blood
And blinded, trapped, confined
Me, to the nightmares behind my eyes.
She sung once for me
Found a power over me
Brought my closer to death
Behind my eyes
The nightmares burrowed
Deep, behind my eyes
And I found her chained
To my nightmares.
Two nails across–
She brought me to the edge of the roof
Convinced me to give a life
My nightmares called
To me, behind my eyes
The power over me
Became unbreakable
And took me, splitting, breaking
Finding me in half,
Behind both eyes.
Separate from their visions
Far away from dreams
Behind my eyes.
She bit my heart free from its
Cavity, my nightmares took
My mind
Until there were only
Three nails across–
She tried to run towards me
My nightmares tried to escape
And she found me once again.
Behind my eyes.
The nightmares decayed away
And she managed to stay
She drew my lids in fear,
Hearing, finding, only black
In the nightmare.

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