Analysis Paralysis

It was a choice. An easy one, right? Okay, she can reason this out. Sandra was a multi-billionaire, an esteemed, filthy rich, magnificent business woman who’d never stopped before.
But, this decision brought her to her knees, crushed her under an insurmountable weight.
Just pick one. Or, make a pros and cons. Something.
Sandra debated a coin toss. That seemed to easy though. No, there needed to be a decent decision. One with intent. One with some thought thrown at it.
Alright, Sandra was well versed in arguing, she’d handled the worst clients, managed to sway so many others just using logic. She could do the same for herself.
Okay, okay, okay–decision time.
The left was easier, but not as fulfilling. It was one she might have taken years ago, when they first met. Not now. However, the left caused less issues. The easier way for a reason because there would be no mess. No loose ends. It would settle everything in one fell swoop.
The right, though, was more rewarding in the long run. It was the choice she thought about the most. And seemed like the direction she’d led towards her entire life.
Seemed. It wouldn’t be as clean. No, there would be a entire slew of problems just from that one decision. The second it was done though, would it be worth it?
As Sandra flicked between her choices, she wished for the gift of seeing the future. Was there a right choice? Was there a wrong one? Both seemed viable. But she couldn’t do both of them.
The shorter one provided less power. More meaty and personal touch.
The sledgehammer was going to be a bloody mess. But, totally worth it.
Sandra screamed to the ceiling, illiciting another rattle from her soon-to-be ex-husband.
Okay, okay–from the beginning. She could do this. Starting with the left

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