Fight for the Right to be Happy

A moment to breathe. The pause between the waves of wind, the sky rippling in response
A bland moment in a pool, being pulled through the steam, enjoying the time.
A falling, grand moment after being thrown from the moon. To sail to the smudged blue
A moment to find perspective. To define happiness, an empty silo taken by nature
A fragment, gathered from scraps, to form a single.

A moment seemed long. It seemed short. It seemed ready to explode,
Imploding to take everything with it. Just in the moment.
A moment of satisfaction, a second of action. A dying moment
Taken by scratches of flesh, and rigged to flash a
Picture in that moment.
A moment to breathe.

A moment to find
The meaning behind happiness.

The words, the moment to breathe, settled until it shattered
The glass from the mirror dropping into the sink like a sharp waterfall
A piece to palm, A moment to breathe, A moment to find
The light behind the fixture. Taking a moment to breathe

Taking a moment to find
The meaning behind the Misery,
And the lash across the back.
A moment to breathe,
To find the meaning behind happiness.

A moment, short.
Gone. A moment
that infected
The next,
A moment, clawed
at the heart, trying to
Find meaning behind happiness.

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