Into the grave, a slave,
hold your breath, breathe,
gone into the long dead
ghost inside myself.
Into the grave, hold my breath,
in a war with no way out
but its not over, not ever,
always fighting, roughing,
through the night, and
when the grave is shallow.
Dust, and dark, the melodic
Mantra in a world gone with
Disaster, down in the dirt
into the grave.
Wake up, no reflection, no
end to face who I am, who
digs into the grave, morphing,
Grasping, in a light of genesis.
Lost, gone again, into the grave
Despised by the dead.
Haunted by the living,
Savagely, gracefully, demonically,
Spit into the grave
Against the steel of misery,
Anarchy, never waking or away,
Until total meltdown.

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