Somewhere Between the Numbers

Keith had all the time in the world.
Because it had frozen. And stopped. Nothing moved anymore. Not space. Not time. There was no indication of it ever continuing. The bar space stayed silent. The ballroom with all the people dancing around, enjoying their time at the party–
A pour of Jack Daniels was stuck mid-pour. The couples swiping effortlessly across the stage were taken mid-twirl. The man at the piano, the curator of the venue, tipped off his seat, stricken by the rough winds. His body tumbled over like a doll while a group rolled by as human tumbleweeds.
The floor caved as space-time stood still. It shattered upward, spurned to life in a blast of colored marbles. Floor no longer existed in the space.
Keith watched every piece of hardwood transform and reshape into its new rainbow form.
He kept note of them. They were decent size, about beach ball size. So, with the right work of physics, they could be ample weapons.
As the beast began to rise, Keith took a fighting stance. He repeated to himself, “Nothing you do in this space matters.”
He spoke to himself. A mantra he remembered to access his special talent.
The power of his words.

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