The Madness that Spores

the moon turned off, everything disappeared, dashed away
By bleeding purple, nothing remained, nothing in the stores
No skeletons in the car, no clothes dropped, no puncture wounds
No dead. Just vanished.
the world stopped turning, everything froze, bone dust covered
Everything in snow, the red mist drenched, the trees left
With no oxygen to breathe, no roots to plant, no bark to protect
Just dead. Never vanishing.
No eyes remained to watch the end of the world,
No tumbleweeds to flick against the empty desert,
As the golden beam brought it all to the ground.
Empty space found peace in the chaos,
Empty space devoured the world alone,
As bodies swung from hanging lamp posts,
As vanished,
As dead
Vanished, at the end of more
Tarnished in the dreams of madmen.

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