The Ten Horns of the Apocalypse

A legend, adored, the top of the pyramid, the burn in the sun. He built his story piece by piece by being a good man. Helpful, loving, compassionate, capable, but never a thought to himself.
The warden of a prison lived in a tower above the population. He begot poison and blood and forces of nature. Lacking, hungry, warped, broken, but filled to the brim with passion for conquering.
A wounded warrior brought to the end. She handled her life with the grace of a gymnast. Vengeful, destructive, always striving for a higher power, and withdrawn due to a broken past.
The fleeing ‘fighter’ failed to fulfill his goals and hopes. A coward, a mouse, a tiny person. Scavenging, scurrying, seeking, crafty, and able to fool all with his skills of trickery.
An every-man with a family, daughters and sons. A life and a village built for a purpose of life. Structured, still, stable, and balanced. Powerful, building, flying high, until they melted back to clay.
The daring dictator who grew to power. Years and decades of single rule, a life sworn to build the next night. Hidden, grown, safe, sound, but divided from the remaining people who feared their nature.
A florist home-grown who arranges his rings for the kings and queens, brought together by a column of soldiers. Peace, but stale. Fine, but cracked. Hinging on a single thread, a single bud.
The international wonder connected to every man, woman, child, animal, and learned beyond the rest. Genuine, hard working, striving for justice. But lost because she was without roots.
A savior, striking, a prodigy child, meant to be greater than everyone before and present. Frustrated, lovely, happy and tense. Loves being the center of all the attention because it meant more ice cream and treats.
A mad man meant to murder the world. Not for spite, or reason, or sake of the future. A gutter, a killer, a reaper. He steals eyes, blood, and organs, and watches each scene to his growing hunger. Driven to end each story.

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