Orbit, Orbit, Orbit

“So, I didn’t understand any of that,” Cyrus said.
He’d been patient, he’d trusted his best friend, he’d sat like a statue to listen to every detail, and–most importantly–he’d suffered through every test with his dignity.
Okay, maybe not dignity. Cyrus lost that when he had to stand through a thousand pictures zoomed in on his naked body. Every inch. Every hair.
“Okay, okay,” Markus said, waving his arms to remind himself that not everyone spoke science. “Just give me a moment.”
Markus fiddled with a screwdriver, pulled it from his coat pocket. He twisted a few dials protruding from the crafted helmet.
It made Cyrus feel embarrassed. It weighed twenty pounds and caused a kink in his neck the more time went by. The straps didn’t help either, crud renditions of plastic that dug into his skin. He sucked in a deep breath.
Markus popped something into place and blew off flecks of debris.
“Basically, dreams are alternate universes. I made this, which allows you to jump to them,” Markus said. “You spend an hour. You come back.”
He typed a few lines of code and hit enter. The helmet popped to life with flowing electricity.
“Wait, wait, wait, wait!” Cyrus said.
Markus’ finger stopped centimetres from the start button.
“Will it all happen in that order?” Cyrus said.
“More or less.”
“What do you mean more or less!? Is there a universe where I kick your ass–“
Markus smirked and hit the button–

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