Starting Position

with black to grey, to white, to dark, a tint to 80s–
Through the streets, to fight for life, learning the
rules of wealth, he ran past doors, dashed in
windows, searching for lines of rot.
He found the magic of the land, lost the storm
across the sun. Still unknown and rotten.
It was work to find a spot, a fight for him to
reach the end of the line.
He had a friend, a woman of wonder, faded
into the alleys. When she disappeared, no one
knew, only her one friend. So he found one job
to do, to find and search when others wouldn’t.
He did it everyday, asked and pried, hoped and
Tried, but nothing every grew.
Until five years past in a blink, five years of only
water, when a clue tipped him across the forehead
in the form of a voice from another man.
It was a fight, a giant struggle, but one he pushed
as far as he could because all he wanted was to
save his friend. He would remind her every day,
they would party every minute, and find their
lives together, conquering, finding, realizing–
He woke up suddenly, in a tizzy, a fever dream
showing time folded, as his mind reached
the end of the line.

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