Dominion, Domination, Destination

I rolled and pranced back to my feet like a bounding gazelle. My back slapped the muddy, wet boulder, stuck a moment from all the grit and algae.
I invoked a quick incantation, just a swift word, and my skin gained the properties of marble. Durable, tough, and unmovable. Another timed spit of words added stone from the boulder. Tendrils of dull rock snaked across my skin. It burned on touch, then went frigid. Then flashed to searing until the elements became a skintight shield.
The twenty foot tall boar burst into a rumbling rampage from beyond the treeline. My teeth chattered from the shock waves, I sweat from the steam and cringed from the pigs sequel against my eardrums.
I managed to keep my eyes open. The plants parted at the beast’s command. Its stubby legs carried a soot covered, misshapen body. Blood, scars, mattered fur, eyes black as space itself. Tusks were larger than the average swine.
The boar cried like a freight train, kept its weight low as it tried to trip my legs to pieces.
I released a mighty battle roar that split the trees around us.
I clashed arms against the sturdy animal, seized a solid grip of its tusks. Toes then heels sunk into the muddy ground, and I shoved with every bit of strength possible in the stone of my body.
My fight inverted the rock, stone, and marble–and spread to the beast.
Successfully crumbling away.
My flesh returned, and I fell limp to the ground.
I exhaled into the mud.
Moaned, one down.
As I drifted into my dreams.

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