Opening a Few Doors

The group was prepared. She’d explained in endless detail that she would turn to stone by the morning. The first tinge of light started a chain reaction. Her insides were attacked by magic like a rabid parasite took over. Her skin bleached white, and then became dotted and overcome by cement-like stone. She’d placed her hands skyward as if reaching for a tantalizing apple, stretched towards the sun–
Jay managed to rip himself free from the fantasy dream. The room was dark, the windows covered with blankets so his studio apartment became bearable from the light and the weather.
Everything was basic, but it was all his. He rubbed his eyes, shifted so just the tips of his toes touched the chilly floor.
Jay slapped his face gently, not to wake himself up. He was trying to knock the insomnia away, scare it away, or hope that the light slaps would send him back into a decent night’s sleep.
This was the third time. The third damn time that he failed to change the aspect of his rough nightmare. At first, it would follow the usual adventures with a team, but no matter the deals or fight, Jay always lost the same girl.
He thought he’d managed to change the order of events in the most recent trudge. But, she still turned to stone.
Maybe a cure? He considered. Stopping it by force was out of the question. Other magic contracts failed just the same. Maybe find the origin?
Jay cracked his neck on both sides, popped every knuckle possible, and picked up the closest bat.
One bonk should do it. This time, for sure, Jay was going to do it right–

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