Basket Case

A thought rattled her bones, just a couple minutes after midnight. At the same second, when she’d rushed over her bed and tucked herself into the corner, the door slammed shut. A few items tipped off the dresser, one smashing to pieces on the floor. The bed’s posts dragged against the wood, offset from the rug, and tearing chunks in the wood.
Scrapping through the wallpaper, the vague, misty shadow curved over her end tables like a viscous sludge.
But vanished the second the light bled through the darkness.
Her late husband again. Returning for revenge as he promised so many years ago.
The house lights were left on that night until the sun rose to fight back the latent rage.
Daylight, however, never truly meant safety. Because when she went about her day, she was taken away in an instant.
The overcast black in the closet found its way, and sent her to a coffin that slowly filled with dirt.

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