Heavy into the Unknown

Why were things so fuzzy? Jacob thought. Why couldn’t he form the correct thoughts?
They were being yanked away. Against his will, as a toy from an eager dog. A treat from a child being punished for too many sweets.
Jacob mentally clawed for the right thoughts. Or the useful ones so he could understand why this feeling was overcoming every sense.
A blast of rain and mist, spread from the waves smacking an open ravine. Hurricanes and whirlwinds of words and thoughts–
Jacob remembered something.
It was small. Pea-sized, noticeable, but buried deep in his brain.
He remembered–
A field of reeds. Jacob walked slowly through the golden sheets. Each reed skated against his pale skin and brought new life to his cells. The hairs on his arms spiked with electricity that bounced from point to point like a rampant Tesla coil. There was harmony in the sound that caressed the hair around his ears. The tips almost bled, deep red, from the coursing energy that brought his blood back to life.
Jacob refreshed himself in the feeling. Fingernails turned white. His skin, his body, every strand of fuzz seemed to sing with a deathly melody meant for kinder drums.
That wasn’t his name. No, that was the name of the man he’d saved.
So, why was he seeing the strangers thoughts?
Through the field, stretched across a bleached sunset, another man’s happy memories danced across as energetically as a raging celebration. As people danced toe to toe, and circled a sun-fried fire, Jacob–
No, that wasn’t his name.
The image spritzed apart like a dying bubble, reformed into an amalgamation of weddings, children, and joys, then shot into the great beyond. High into the sky it flew, until Jacob’s memories returned to their home.
While not-Jacob experienced the opposite, a rain of flames showed his sins, each one etched into the tips of wheat and broken weeds.
A melody of noises circled like starving vultures.
Jason jolted up. His upper body practically levitated while his mangled legs drooped in the gutters. A crowd had gathered, some born from curiosity, others hoping to see an image not shared by many.
But, Jason wasn’t dead. Lower body broken, yet his upper self remained, drenched but alive.
Paramedics helped the others taken by the wreck. Police tried their hardest to control the area. One spoke to Jacob in the distance.
Jason exhaled heavily in relief. He’d managed to push him out of the way. He’d saved his life.
Mission accomplished even though it would cost him more than he was comfortable with.
There was no pain. Only shock as Jason felt nothing, and the crowd crept away when they saw the obsidian that had now become Jason’s eyes.
Everything felt different. His thoughts were not his own, his blood replaced by black, and his own life reborn.

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