A Voided Droplet

black water, streamed down as tears.
there was a relief, to lose the pressure.
late nights, breathing through the fears.
movements created winds and water.
actions caught, to break free from lesser.
metal shards and blood to slaughter.
caught to crumble, rushing to bottom feeders.
surrounded by figures, faceless and righteous.
kicking my confidence asunder.
a knife in the sand doesn’t draw lines.
when the wind blows hard, it only blinds.
missing the peace to measure minds.
a dot from the handle blinks with signs.
someone else had been to that beach.
the footprints went along the horizon to reach.
each wave erased and breached,
each longing screech, caused the knife to shake.
and find a way to rise through the sand.
Raging, ebony waters would not take me again.

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