Waves, Watts, Amps, Volts

scarecrows bleed stray and strife, holes of black and white,
full of infinite energy, pains and hertz, seeing right.
trains, ovens, showers–

shocked to building bridges and ditches, wireless transmissions,
messages across time and space, nuclear fusion and fission,
atoms, dirty, thermonuclear–

PC and radios coarse into veins, cancer rains with Joan of Arc,
battlefield after battlefield, passing over what was dark.
hopes, prey, prayer–

some painters ended the world with colors, others in trials,
seas of tigers, lakes of lions, people trapped with viles.
dark, midnight, sobbed–

pendulums rock from side to side, break the rats and tacks,
aside the shirts and shoes hang, hanging against gravity packs,
imaginary, infinite, evidence–
never more–

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