Impassable Ocean of Midgard

strawberries in the air, waves of Ash, cedar burning to Embers

I remember a fountain. There was white, red, and black, flowing
and dousing the timbers below. A fraction of time caught between

the spaces between fingers. Crack, crack, cracking towards the ground
I remember being bound. Caught and burned, trounced and tied,

Trial, trial, trial, until bite sized chunks of earth housed nothing but binds.

kiwi across the horizon, clouds of Fire, rivers evaporating,

I remember trading. A life for a life, a weight under rubble catching
the primal, guttural screams below. A tiny moment caught between

the sounds in my ears. The wet across my lips, the dry in my eyes,
I remember being loud. Proud like a viking, true like an arrow,

Flying, flying, flying, blunt against bark, claws against wood

bearing fruits that fell to detritus and marine snow, only more,

I remember falling. A tip always taller, a pale figure calling home,
falling further. Less of a tomb, more of a room, where

bodies sunk low. A whisper meant a meteor shower, power over
soil, a mess towering every time a moment soured.

Hate, hate, hate, for the moss that treated the wounds

lemon, lime, clouds of compounds, hounds of dunes.

I remember a rose dying. Petals fell one by one, one or two caught
by its own thorns. Drowned, groomed, doomed to repeat

Incomplete, defeat. I remember snuffing the burning, preventing
the Ash from covering the garden, just to see a bloom again.

Finding, searching, finding, a route unwinding,

tasting the tart air shining and hiding brights

So the sepals could form through troubles
buried to the brim, free and muddled.

A single flower weathered through soot. I remember brushing and
clutching a blossom, a seed to grow in solemn, a night to

Finally, finally, finally, worth remembering.

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