Voices Never Stay Forever

Feed the fire with gasoline, taken all my negativity
Break the nail with a hammer, prevent me from stammering
Crack the window with glass, bring the line and jazz
In the end, there’s breath, and a handshake to ignore death

Stop the music with triggers, steal all my figures
Slice the air with a gust, chip and strip all the rust
Face the nothingness, divine restlessness
In the beginning, there’s an exhale, and from head to tail.


Running through a chewed tunnel, the light burst free
And took over one’s vision, enveloping and embracing.
A lover’s hug, a mother’s kiss, and no rest–a bright
Shine. Clouds rolled and rumbled in one’s mind
as the thunder took away the silence.

A frigid mist washed the stones, bore through wood,
changed the landscape where one stood
It hummed and sang through chimes carved
Into the mountain sides, starved
Until the echoes grew roses, wishes,

even through the harshest conditions.

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