A legend about words and blood

A legend goes back, tells about a man who cuts,Who slices, and rips--Carves and chops--Dissects and gashes.Until tendons tore.Another legend tells of a woman broken,She removes your bones,The tiny and needed ones,The ones in the ear,Until silence calls.Legends scream about a man who steals organs,Runs in the night,Finding, searching, capturing, and adding,Until he caught more …

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A sharp ridge against a file

A limb, a bone, an organ, an ear,The Cricket chirped each wordWith blood, and brood,Gnawing the neck. A woman and man took a walk In the night, never knowing The darkness awaiting,So when it jumped and devouredThem both, there wasn't a traceRemaining. Two kids sunk below the lake,Ran until they were out of breathNever surfacing …

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ShovePullPull each brickShove each cinderPullShoveShove the wallShove ShovePull every piecePullShoveShove harderPullShovePull to breathe Shove it awayPull to hitPullShoveShove to continueShoveShove and hammerPull to see the light ShovePullPull it closerPull to surviveShoveShovePull to imprintShove to move ShovePullPull just one morePullShovePullShoveShove the wall aside

A Way Everything Away

A black whip,In the mind, taking everything away.A black sludge,Around the body, eating everything away.A white spot,In the heart, beating everything away.A white slime,Around the brain, drowning everything away. A black weight,In the stomach, emptying everything away.A black shadow, Trying to waste everything away. A fight, a void, a pushTo survive everything away. Letting the …

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Fragmented Fields, Wasting Away, Humanity near the brink

The crowd gathered fastSwift and steadyThe people yelled loudUnwavering and stabbingThe men yanked limbsBloody and boldThe women cut deepEffective and efficient. The children called namesKnives and batsThe elders had methodsVicious and vividThe animals had mealsFull and fatThe elements ate fleshBugs and maggots. The mud had one last mealAs death took one last breathAnd the living …

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