Just a corpse of words in a sleepless night

channel, all that you breatheflash, everything touchedbreak, the sight of knuckles against skin, ablaze, the day awaybegin, again to tearwalls away. lift, the bricks above the shoulderscascade, everything heardand break a sleepless night race, against the roundsblast, the whiff of warreach against the spine stop know,win, a slot awayend, the bloodshedand fall against the floorwhile …

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The beginning of something energetic

Arise, I tell myself everyday, Rise and ride, the tails of Chrysomallos, The fires of Mars,The rings of Saturn,The burn of death--Arise and find things for yourself,Rise and fight to crack the diamond,as brittle as aluminum, risingEveryday. Arise. A metronome appeared, when I was in bed last night,It showed me drops of bloody rain,that when …

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Vernal Equinox

arise ready in eerie silence, rest all momentstake all users, run under sight, believe ugly laughs lastgain every minute inside nothing imaginary, torn wings ignite nasty signscancer, air, night, cancer, excited rats, caught ringing another belllet every option line in offset nestsvictory in reverse, gone once visions iced red, gone into nothing,liars infect bastards rousing …

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A shot away

forgiving and threatening,a very life today,without shelter, fading, a shot awaywaiting and washing,a little light today,caught without, raging, a shot awaythreatening our lives today,woah, let's stop a moment,calm down and take a shot awayright between the eyes,and fair in trade,without calamity, ashot awayin cycle,in relief,in touch, a shot away

Many Melodies, Dear Daughter

a mother, father, son, and daughter, comfortable before the beginning of the world,they lived as normal, farming and mad, sometimes touched by the ocean-pearledthe son enjoyed the clay of rust down by the beach, conjured friends from dust,jaguars, giraffes, a gaggle of pterodactyls, built from fingers-crust,the mother spent time in the mines, she preferred her …

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