Fight for the Right to be Happy

A moment to breathe. The pause between the waves of wind, the sky rippling in responseA bland moment in a pool, being pulled through the steam, enjoying the time.A falling, grand moment after being thrown from the moon. To sail to the smudged blueA moment to find perspective. To define happiness, an empty silo taken …

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ShovePullPull each brickShove each cinderPullShoveShove the wallShove ShovePull every piecePullShoveShove harderPullShovePull to breathe Shove it awayPull to hitPullShoveShove to continueShoveShove and hammerPull to see the light ShovePullPull it closerPull to surviveShoveShovePull to imprintShove to move ShovePullPull just one morePullShovePullShoveShove the wall aside