Auburn, Burgundy, Rust

insane steel crusade, crush the flames andthundertragic rings of water in the tunnelsunder,Sane dark stars, missed and magic withmagnolias Sanity--the difficult day, drain of rigid duelsbrokenfalling crazy in the wicked washmouthingthe sight of secluded blindnessburiedAnd blocked by carvings of warfare,Insanity--a pulse underwater, lingering fools foundbracedto escape the fire alivetitanium flowers still bloom,and livea life worth …

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A seed

it's not about adrenaline, not about speedIt's not about manic, not about meadIt's not about nice, not about wordsNot about trends, not about worse,About good, loud, proud, standing,Remaining fixed from drowning. it's not about thought, not about perfectionIt's not about curses, tricks, corrections,It's not about bad, or wrong, or dysenteryIt's not about crashes, or bravery,It's …

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The Madness that Spores

the moon turned off, everything disappeared, dashed awayBy bleeding purple, nothing remained, nothing in the storesNo skeletons in the car, no clothes dropped, no puncture woundsNo dead. Just vanished. the world stopped turning, everything froze, bone dust coveredEverything in snow, the red mist drenched, the trees leftWith no oxygen to breathe, no roots to plant, …

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Anti-rain, gone to pain,A rough anti-break to ageAnd fake,Anti-pain, to graded fall,A crack anti-main, tentativephage and gone to worldthe winter age.Anti-snow, a train To ground, anti-roarTo breathe,Adore.A spore, anti-grow,enough to throw anAnti-stitch, hemisphereapart, bewitchedTo find what anti-soundsat the end of the spiral.